What makes your Dad special?  We asked and your kids told us!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we thought it was a great time to brag about Dad. ❤️

father teaching daughter to ride a bike

Capri.     Age: 3

“Because he plays with me, and he always loves me, and I love him so much!”

Jewel   Age: 6

“My Daddy is in heaven where he can always watch over me and keep me safe.”

Everett      Age: 4

“Daddy is so cute.”

Everleigh    Age: 4

“Daddy makes me laugh and he is my best friend”

Adalyn    Age: 4

“He gives me hugs, and gives me his love. He takes me on the trampoline and we jump really high. He keeps me safe and protects people. We go on trips together. He is the best daddy in the whole world!”

Ellagrace    Age: 3

“Our dad is special because he is a dad of 7. We are a blended family and have been married for 14 years. We have 3 kids together, 1 daughter We adopted. The two older boys are serving in the US navy with our second being deployed and our first station in VA. My husband cares for our family with all he has. A family of this size is tough, but he wakes up everyday and takes care of us all. We are blessed beyond measure.”

Lennon   Age: 3 Months

“My Dad is the greatest. We spend every morning together and he takes me out on our deck and we talk about the birds and the flowers and rabbits and squirrels. He has a beard, and I love to put my hands in it and pull him to me.”

Liza     Age: 2

“My daddy makes me smile and laugh all the time and he is always so fun and adventurous with me. “ I lovvvee Daddy “ as Liza smiles from ear to ear..“