1. Refrain from talking

  2. Refrain from getting out of your seat while people are performing. Sit still so you don’t detract from others’ experiences.

  3. Refrain from wrinkling your program or unwrapping candy wrappers. You should be quiet during the performance.

  4. Turn off all cell phones and alarms.

  5. Do not take flash photography.

  6. If there is an emergency and you must leave, do this at intermission or between musical numbers, not during the performance.

  7. Applaud at appropriate times

  8. Don’t shout or whistle. While these work at a sporting event, they do not work at a concert or theater performance.

  9. Do not eat or drink during the performance.

  10. Expect to be entertained and to have a great time! Relax and enjoy the performance.