Howard Holley is CEO of TouchPoint Innovative Solutions and Publisher of the  Parent Magazine Florida titles. Holley is a former senior executive with Xerox Corporation having spent 33 years with the technology and services firm.


Barbara Holley is Editor of the Parent Magazine Florida titles. Dr. Holley is a former Principal of Elementary Schools in California, Connecticut and Virginia. She is responsible for editorial content and relevance of the magazine to elementary school parents and educators.


Jeanne Coates is Managing Editor of the Parent Magazine Florida titles.    Jeanne is responsible for project management of the magazine, pulling all of its components together on time and meeting the overall production schedule.


Charlene Savidge is Sales and Marketing Director of Parent Magazine Florida.  Charlie develops relationships in the community with the businesses and organizations that assist us in providing the magazines.


Teldra Jones is Circulation Director. Teldra is responsible for the circulation of the Parent Magazine Florida issues to targeted elementary schools, libraries, doctor’s offices, etc.


Ashlee Harrell is Art Director of Parent Magazine. She is responsible for branding, layout, and design of the publications to make it compelling to our readers.