Puberty brings big changes to our children’s bodies at a time when they are caring for their own bodies.  Help them stay clean and handle the changes by preparing a puberty pack to help them on their way, with the products they need and information about what is happening.

What to put in their puberty packs?


For at home:

  • A basket or bag for their supplies

  • Antiperspirant deodorant

  • Scented body spray

  • Cleansing Wipes

  • Gentle face cleanser and an acne spot treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide

  • Razors specifically made for girls or women (you can also try electric razors)

  • Shave gel

  • Pads and pantyliners

  • Tampons — start with “light” or “slender” and “regular” sizes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A calendar to track her monthly cycle (there are now period calendars on mobile devices)

  • An informative book about menstruation

  • An “all about a girl’s body” book

  • Pretty makeup bag for carrying wipes, tampons and hand sanitizer when on the go


  • A basket or bag for their supplies

  • Deodorant

  • Razors

  • Shaving Cream

  • After Shave Lotion

  • Body Wash

  • Athlete’s Foot Powder

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Face Wash

  • Acne Cream

  • Face Lotion for Boys

  • An information book about puberty

Take some time to describe and show how things are used, and make sure to ask if they have questions. You are their most valuable resource as they grow.