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5 ways to encourage your child to participate in the arts!

  1. Provide Exposure: Seek opportunities to give your child performing arts experiences! Attend local school concerts, dance recitals and other live performances in your community. Many school shows are inexpensive and can inspire your young person to explore their talent! It is also a great way to show them the possibilities and make our local students feel like stars!

  2. Enroll in classes: If your child is interested in a specific performing art, such as acting, singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, consider enrolling them in classes. Quality instruction can help them build foundational skills and gain confidence.

  3. Encourage Practice: Like any skill, performing arts require practice. Encourage your child to practice regularly. This can be rehearsing lines, singing, dancing or playing an instrument. Practice improves their abilities and helps them build discipline and perseverance. Create a routine and set some time together to help them practice!

  4. Support their interests: Listen to your child’s ideas and interests within the performing arts. If they want to be in a school play, join a dance troupe or learn an instrument, support their choices. Help them find opportunities to pursue these interests and provide the necessary resources and tools.

  5. Attend Performances: Attend your child’s performances and events. Your presence may not seem all that important, but having you there to encourage them, applaud their achievements and provide them with feedback helps them improve.

Remember to focus on enjoyment and personal growth rather than external pressures such as winning a contest. Is your child talented? Be careful! Telling your child that they are talented can have positive and negative effects, and how you deliver such praise matters. Praise for talent can lead to a fixed mindset, where the child believes that their abilities are innate and unchangeable. This can discourage them from trying to improve or learn new skills. Always praise them with a growth mindset.

Lastly, remember that performing arts experiences make kids more confident and resilient. The arts reinforce the value of working every day with others toward a common goal. Your child may not be at Carnegie Hall, but they will undoubtedly remember and benefit from the experience!