• License Plate Map. Give the kids a black and white map of the United States. When they spot a license plate from another state, have them color in the state on their map. It’s fun and a geography lesson at the same time!

  • Slug Bug Game. Whoever spots the most VW beetles in the most colors wins.

  • Car Bingo. Create bingo cards that include things you’re likely to see on the road (train, tractor, bike, stop sign, truck, etc.). As each item is spotted, cross it off your card. The first to reach BINGO wins.

  • Alphabet Race. Start by placing 5-10 random letters in a container. One person pulls a letter, and then everyone tries to spot something that begins with that letter. Whoever finds the item first wins the round. The person with the most letters at the end of the game is the winner.

  • Road Sign Bingo. Stay on the lookout for different road signs. Whoever spots five different street signs first wins.

  • Name That Tune. Play the first few notes of a song on your playlist and see if the kids can guess what song you’re playing.

Bonus idea: Give “Car Bucks” to the winners of each game (and for good behavior, too!) and let the kids redeem the Bucks for a special treat.