The ability to speak and perform in public is a skill that will help your child for years to come. Everyone, including celebrities, gets a little nervous when they get up in front of crowds, but the ability to appear confident and overcome fear is an accomplishment!

How can you help?

  1. Allow your child to express their fear. Try to understand why they feel this way. Once you understand what the fear is and the cause of it, you can help them overcome it.

  2. Help them prepare. Help them practice their lines or speech. Let them practice moving while they speak. Being well prepared takes away a major part of the fear that can hold them back.

  3. Work with them on their appearance. Help them by getting their hair cut or styled, make sure their costume or clothes fit well and comfortably and assist them in looking their best.

  4. Allow them to see where they will be performing. Knowing what to expect can alleviate fears.

  5. Help them focus on the performance, not the fear. Emphasize that it doesn’t matter what the audience thinks or does; all that matters is that they do their best.

  6. More, More, More. Encourage your child to continue to do activities that put him front and center. The best way to overcome fear is to face it, and practice makes perfect.

  7. Share Ways to Relax. To help avoid panic or fear, teach techniques to help. Rubbing their thighs, deep breathing or holding something in their palm like a paperclip can all help when the fear takes hold of their minds.

  8. Promise to be there. Let your child know that you are there and that you love them, no matter what happens.

  9. Let them know how proud you are of them. Let them know how well they did after the dress rehearsal and the performance. Focus on the positive. Praise their confidence in performing.

 With your support, your child will thrive! Enjoy the fruits of your labor as your child gains confidence.