I have such fond memories of making costumes and getting dressed on Halloween night.  As my daughter got older, I enjoyed seeing the fun and creative costumes that would come to my door.   In today’s connective world, the range of costumes we get to see is much larger than back when my kids were little.

Salt and Pepper Shakers:

This can be very simple with just a white and black sweatsuit with an S or P put on the front.  You can fashion a hat out of a metal colander or a foil top.  To make it more interesting, put a clear plastic bag with either paper circles or black and white tennis balls in it to simulate the salt or pepper.  Works for children and adults!

Mad Scientist:

Again, this can be customized to meet your needs.  Tease the hair or get a crazy wig, turn in green or purple, wear a lab coat or dad’s oversized shirt, add a bow tie, carry a beaker, add some empty glass frames or safety goggles and you are set.  By letting them wear their own pants and shoes, there are no tripping hazards with this costume.  Put a glow stick in the beaker and you even have a light to keep your child visible in the dark!

Crunchy Taco:

For this costume, you need a large box (18” x 14” x 12” works well.)  Draw a half circle on each side, leaving the bottom intact to be your taco bottom.  Cut a hole in the bottom for the person wearing the costume.  Paint it yellow or cover with yellow fabric.  Cut out your toppings out of construction paper, cardboard or felt, and hot glue to the taco.  Cut shoulder straps out of comfortable material (fit them to the person wearing the taco costume) and hot glue them inside your taco shell.


For this costume, you can choose your sport, either buy gold clothing or spray paint clothes gold, and spray your props gold.  If you would like to go a little farther, you can apply gold makeup to their skin to complete the look!

Snail Costume:

You can pair this with a dress or sweats.  Roll up craft paper into a shell, fashion antennae out of craft paper and connect with barrettes or affix to a head band.  Use a little face makeup on his or her cheeks!