In my years as an educator in Flagler Schools, I have seen how we share the vibrant palette of creativity that fills our classrooms every day – the Arts. At Flagler Schools, we firmly believe in nurturing well-rounded students, and the Arts play an integral role in shaping the minds and hearts of our students.

First, an education that includes the Arts fosters expression and confidence: The Arts provide a unique avenue for our students to express themselves. Through visual arts, music, dance, theater and more, our students learn to communicate their thoughts, emotions and stories with confidence and authenticity. This self-assuredness extends far beyond the stage or canvas and equips them to excel in all aspects of their lives.

Second, the Arts cultivate cultural awareness: Understanding diverse cultures is more critical than ever in our interconnected world. Our county is full of people from all four corners of the earth. The Arts allow our students to explore the rich tapestry of humanity, fostering empathy and cultural sensitivity. By celebrating the varied perspectives and traditions within the Arts, we create global citizens who appreciate and respect differences.

The Arts boosting cognitive development: Research consistently demonstrates the cognitive benefits of Arts education. Music enhances mathematical skills, visual arts sharpen critical thinking and drama strengthens communication. Integrating the Arts into our curriculum empowers students to develop versatile cognitive skills that serve them across all subjects.

The Arts nurturing future innovators: Innovation thrives where creativity flourishes. The Arts inspire students to think outside the box, challenge norms and devise ingenious solutions. In a world that demands innovation, we believe an Arts-infused education in Flagler Schools equips our students to shape the future.

The Arts bring collaborative excellence: Many of life’s triumphs are achieved through teamwork. The Arts inherently encourage collaboration as students learn to harmonize their talents, ideas and efforts. This spirit of collaboration is a cornerstone of success in academia and beyond.

The Arts enhancing well-being: The Arts profoundly impact our emotional well-being. They offer an outlet for stress, a source of joy and a means of self-care. In cultivating a love for the Arts, we nurture resilient individuals better equipped to navigate life’s challenges.

As we journey forward, let us continue championing the Arts within our District. Together, we are shaping a generation of confident, empathetic and innovative individuals who will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world.

Flagler Forward,

Lashakia Moore
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LaShakia Moore
Superintendent, Flagler Schools