October is the month when we achieve a milestone in our school district with the completion of the First Quarter. The theme we have chosen for this year is “Elevating Excellence.”  We believe if we do everything, we can to elevate excellence in all aspects of school, then our students will rise above any challenge they face to achieve academic successes.

Florida Assessments in determining students’ academic growth and achievements are new this year.  We have completed our first round of Progress Monitoring utilizing the new platform for Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST).  This new assessment timeline measures what students have achieved thus far in the 2022-23 school year and helps teachers and parents understand their students’ areas of opportunity.

We also encourage elevating excellence in areas outside of academics, such as athletics, arts and fun.  This Fall, we welcome Flagler Schools families and friends in the community to attend events showcasing their children’s talent.  Please check our district and school websites to find events that may interest you and your family.

Our Fall sports are in full swing with football, cheerleading, bowling, swimming, volleyball and more.  Student-athletes are honing not only their physical skills but also sportsmanship.  Teamwork emphasizes working cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal, following a prescribed game plan and, occasionally, accepting defeat graciously.

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child and we are proud to serve as part of that village for our families.  While we deal with many of the same challenges that other industries are facing, such as employment and supply chain issues, we thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to work through these to achieve our goal of “elevating excellence.” We cannot do it without your support and are truly grateful for you.

Working Together,

Cathy Mittelstadt
Superintendent, Flagler Schools