Every year, March brings about changes. The brief winter we get in Florida is usually a distant memory, and our families start eyeing Spring Break on their calendars. There’s always the question of, “Do we do a ‘staycation’” or, “Do we travel?”

I think more and more of us are seeking to create memories with our families. I believe travel, no matter if it’s down the interstate a little or, if it meets your budget and timeline, maybe a little farther from home, can be great for building a strong family and a strong tie to what our children are learning in the classroom.

It’s one thing to watch a video or look at pictures of the Grand Canyon. But if you have the opportunity to stand at the rim and experience it in person, that’s an entirely different point of view. Even a day trip over to someplace like Gainesville opens up a number of excellent museums affiliated with the University of Florida. The Florida Museum of Natural History does a great job of taking the pages out of a history book and presenting them in a way kids of all ages can enjoy.

I have great memories of traveling when I was younger. I grew up in North Carolina, and we were fortunate to travel to Disney World and camp at Fort Wilderness. My sisters, brother and I learned to canoe and ride jet skis in addition to enjoying time in the theme parks. They are memories we still bring up when we’re together all these years later.

If travel is on your Spring Break schedule, I hope it is a safe trip filled with great memories. If you’re opting for the “staycation” Spring Break, we have wonderful beaches and nature trails right here in our own beautiful county.

Elevating Excellence,

Cathy Mittelstadt
Superintendent, Flagler Schools