In homes all across our county, families are getting ready for the holidays. Family traditions, gift exchanges, candle lighting, decorations, and the sharing of joy ring through the holidays.

For our school district, Flagler County voters gave us an early present: a resounding “yes” for renewing our ½ cent sales surtax.

I thank you, Flagler County, for your continued support of our public school system. For the past twenty years, you have paid a ½ cent for our kids, and Tuesday, you agreed to continue to do this for another ten years. This funding has been vital in allowing us first to prepare our students for the 21st century. We can now continue preparing them for an ever-changing world.

We were heartened during this campaign when we made presentations to every elected body in our county. We received valuable support from them as well as our local realtors, the Chamber of Commerce, and our unions. I also want to thank our Education Foundation and the Funding Flagler’s Educational Future Political Action Committee, which spearheaded the campaign on a grass-roots level.

Finally, I want to thank our teachers, staff, administrators, students, and parents. You are the reason our community supports us. You are why voters continue to renew this ½ cent surtax because the people in our county see your successes and want to keep this momentum going.

Our next step is to organize a Citizens Oversight Committee, a process I will lay out before our School Board. While it was important for the ballot measure to pass, it is equally important for us to show everyone, even those who may not have supported it when they cast their ballot, that we will continue to be good stewards of this money.

Again, on behalf of all of us with Flagler Schools, thank you for your commitment to our children.

Elevating Excellence,

Cathy Mittelstadt
Superintendent, Flagler Schools