The Flagler Auditorium advocates for the Arts in Flagler Schools.

For nearly three decades, the Flagler Auditorium has surpassed its mission of delivering inspirational, educational and cultural experiences to residents of Flagler County and many visitors to the Palm Coast community. A partnership created in 1991 with Flagler Schools and The Flagler Auditorium Governing Board (a 501(3) c) organization) has brought professional entertainment and national and international tours. Its prime location on the campus of Flagler Palm Coast High School is only minutes away from Interstate 95 and easily seen from State Road 100, which allows the Flagler Auditorium a remarkable vantage point from which to benefit residents and tourists, and it also is a tremendous asset to our kids.

In addition to hosting hundreds of school, community and professional performances, Flagler’s local youth are tremendous benefactors through the numerous scholarships, band camp opportunities and theater access, including set design, stage lighting, box office operations, production, direction and choreography provided by the state-of-the-art venue.

Arts education is an essential element in the programming and planning of the Flagler Auditorium’s season. Last year students performed with an international acapella group, shadow danced with Catapult, participated in workshops with Broadway performers and members of the band worked with the world-renowned Canadian Brass.

Flagler Palm Coast Dance Department presents on the professional stage of Flagler Auditorium Performing Arts Center.

On-the-job training is available to students working on the professional performances that come to Flagler Auditorium! Students are given the opportunity to work hands-on with industry professionals in all areas of the performing arts, from lighting and sound to house management and patron relations, while also learning valuable life skills about responsibility, time management, collaboration and teamwork. Students who have graduated from this training program have gone on to work for the stagehands union, ITASE and area theme parks. Many have gone on to complete both performing arts and non-performing arts related degrees at colleges and universities.

Flagler Palm Coast High School alumna Alejandra Martinez with American Sirens performed at the auditorium. Alejandra got her start in Little Shop of Horrors with the drama department at FPCHS.

Driving by the theatre, patrons can witness firsthand the marketing content created on the marquee by high school and college students working in the box office. Marketing and customer service are also on the menu as a part of student involvement at Flagler Auditorium.

“To me, it was inspiring to see young people getting firsthand experience in the workings of a live presentation. That can only leave a lasting impression on them and inspire them to a life in the arts. The program at the Flagler Auditorium is one that other theatres across the U.S. would do well to model themselves after.”

John Mueller, artist and producer of “One Night in Memphis and Winter Dance Party

The importance of the auditorium’s role in Arts in Education is underscored each year as middle and high school band, dance and choral groups consistently win “superior ratings” at state-held competitions. Programs like these train students in dance, voice and theater, but they also have successful leadership programs that build confidence and workplace skills that are forever remembered and valued long after the musical events have occurred. The FPCHS band, Jazz band the chorus, The Formality Singers, the Flagler Youth Orchestra, Matanzas Blue Steel and the FPCHS Thespians call Flagler Auditorium Performing arts center their home venue.

Over 125 students from Old Kings Elementary performed a Veteran’s Day Program under the direction of Dr. Rodney Harshbarger.
Flagler Palm Coast High School dance students learn to “become a frog” with Catapult, an international shadow dancing show.

This season they will share the stage with international performers from London and even the Ukraine.

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The auditorium is a great place to watch a student performance; it is also a great place to meet up with friends and neighbors to move to the groove of legendary musical performances. We bring big city entertainment without the big city hassle. This 1000-seat venue is truly a gem of our community. When you purchase a ticket to Flagler Auditorium, you create a brighter future for our students in the Arts.

Flagler Palm Coast High School students receive on-the-job training for professional and school shows.