By incorporating performing arts experiences into your summer days, you can encourage creativity, self-expression and a love for the arts while creating memorable moments for children to cherish.

Attend Local Theater Performances: Check out community theater productions, outdoor performances or children's theater shows in your area. Attending live performances exposes children to the magic of theater and can inspire their own interest in performing arts.

Outdoor Dance Parties: Host outdoor dance parties in your backyard or local park. Create themed playlists with a mix of upbeat music and encourage children to choreograph their own dance routines. This activity promotes physical activity, creativity and musical expression.

Film Your Own Movie: Collaborate on creating a short film or music video with children, taking on different roles, such as actors, directors, scriptwriters and editors. Record the scenes using a smartphone or camera and experiment with different filming techniques. This activity fosters creativity, teamwork and media literacy skills.

Storytelling: Gather family and friends to share stories, poems or monologues. Encourage children to use expressive gestures, facial expressions and voice modulation to bring their stories to life, enhancing their storytelling and performance skills.

Artistic Workshops and Classes: Enroll children in summer workshops or classes focused on performing arts disciplines such as acting, singing, dancing or improvisation. Many community centers, arts organizations and theaters offer summer programs tailored to different age groups and interests.

Virtual Performances and Workshops: Explore online resources offering virtual performing arts experiences, including live-streamed performances, interactive workshops and online classes. Virtual platforms provide access to various performing arts opportunities, allowing children to engage with the arts from the comfort of home.