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Swim, Mo, Swim! (Mo Jackson #5)

by  David A. Adler (Author) Sam Ricks (Illustrator)
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Series:  Mo Jackson

Mo is going swimming in the fifth title of the perennially popular, Geisel Award-winning Level 2 readers series by David A. Adler!

It’s Field Day at summer camp and Mo’s group, the Guppies, is competing for extra ice cream! He and his friends are doing their best at everything from the three-legged race to the potato sack race, and as the day nears its end, each group has won one medal each. It’s all on Mo to break the tie in the final event: swimming!

Moon Camp

Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
What if summer camp was in outer space?
by Barry Gott (Author)

Summer is here! But Jake doesn’t want to go to summer camp. Even if camp is on the moon. Sure enough, he gets lost during the nature hike, his air canoe springs a leak, there are scary noises at night and he’s pretty sure he’s allergic to moon dust. The worst part? He misses home.

But then Sam arrives and maybe Moon Camp isn’t so bad after all? Full of out-of-this-world humor, Moon Camp is a celebration of new adventures and the unexpected friends you make along the way.

Wildlife According to Og the Frog
(Og the Frog #3)

by  Betty G. Birney (Author)
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade
Series:  Og the Frog

In the third book in the spinoff of the Humphrey series, Og and Humphrey head to summer camp to see what’s hopping in the wilderness! Og didn’t know where he would end up when school was over, but it turns out Camp Happy Hollow is just about the best place ever. Lovely nature is all around, friends from Room 26 are there–including Humphrey!–and camp days are full of exciting activities. Og has lots of new responsibilities, like watching out for Humphrey, helping his fellow campers adjust to being away from home, and encouraging everyone to always try their best. But when one camper lets Og loose at the lake, he is in a tough spot. The lake sure does feel like home, but so does his tank. Plus his human friends need him–and so does Humphrey. Good thing Og has experience in the wild because–BING-BANG-BOING!–this is going to be one hopping summer! Og’s frog’s-eye view of summer camp is silly, caring, and adventurous–the perfect companion to Summer According to Humphrey.

Long Distance

by  Whitney Gardner (Author) Whitney Gardner (Illustrator)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade

From the creator of Fake Blood comes another exceptionally charming middle-grade graphic novel about friendships both near and far, far away.

Vega’s summer vacation is not going well. When her parents decide it’s time to pack up and leave her hometown of Portland, Oregon, behind for boring Seattle, Washington, Vega is more than upset–she’s downright miserable. Forced to leave her one and only best friend, Halley, behind, Vega is convinced she’ll never make another friend again. To help her settle into her new life in Seattle, her parents send Vega off to summer camp to make new friends. Except Vega is determined to get her old life back. But when her cellphone unexpectedly calls it quits and things at camp start getting stranger and stranger, Vega has no choice but to team up with her bunkmates to figure out what’s going on!

Out of My Heart
(Out of My Mind #2)

By Sharon M. Draper (Author)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Series:  Out of My Mind

Melody faces her fears to follow her passion in this stunning sequel to the acclaimed, New York Times bestselling middle-grade novel Out of My Mind.

Melody, the huge-hearted heroine of Out of My Mind, is now a year older and a year braver. But not as brave as she wants to be, as she’s terrified of horses. Even though she loves horses–loves loves loves them–from afar. Not one to be thwarted, Melody decides summer camp, one with horseback riding, should be her next challenge. Except, are there even riding camps for differently-abled kids? Ones that would welcome a kid with cerebral palsy? She’s going to find out.

Camp Average (Camp Average #1)

by Craig Battle (Author)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Series:  Camp Average

A group of 11-year-olds arrives to spend six weeks playing sports at Camp Avalon–which they affectionately call Camp Average because they never win at any sport. And that’s the way they like it. But this summer, new camp director Winston–who hates losing–has some hyper-competitive ideas about how to improve their performance, whether they want to or not! Led by main character Mack and his friend Andre, the boys of Cabin 10 decide to reclaim their summer and revolt by losing spectacularly at every game they play, and especially at the big baseball tournament coming up with three nearby camps. In a story full of plotting, planning and plenty of push-ups, it’s a full-court press on losing for the campers, strategic play-by-play for the camp director, and great teamwork on all sides. Who will come out on top? The first book in the new Camp Average series is a smart, funny summer read featuring a diverse group of realistic characters and a winning storyline.

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