I love Fall.  Having traveled the world, it is interesting how autumn presents itself throughout the world.  From the turning of the leaves in the Northeast, to the cooler temperatures in Florida, I love this season no matter where I experience it.  As a former elementary school principal, I have seen first-hand the excitement of children when contemplating fall festivals and Halloween.  We have included crafts, recipes and costume ideas in this issue.

Now that children have settled into school, we have compiled ways to show school spirit.  We also share tips on how to adjust to daylight savings time!  Remember to fall back on November 6th, but you can prepare in October so there isn’t as long of an adjustment.

We are giving away a trip to LegoLand and the Peppa Pig Theme Park.  Check out the contest page on our website to enter for a chance to win.

We want to thank our partners for providing information on Breast Cancer.  Self-exams are critical, and when it is time, be sure to get those mammograms.  Early detection can save a life.

World Teacher Day is October 5th.  A great time for your child to write a note or draw a picture for their teachers!

October 28th is National Chocolate Day!  Maybe that can be your excuse to break into the Halloween Candy early!

Have a wonderful month!



Dr. Barbara C. Holley
Editor, Parent Magazines

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