Travel is in full flight. But this season, there has been frequent cancellations, delays, and extraordinary lines.

While Florida is a destination for many tourists, Floridians often look outside their immediate area to enjoy an adventure.  To avoid the influx of delays and congestion, closer hubs have become an ideal solution.

Local airports like Daytona Beach International (DAB), mitigate stress for Floridians looking to spread their wings.

DAB offers numerous flight options to strategic hubs, without the hassle of mega airports. Home to airlines like Delta, American Airlines and Sunwing Airlines, a Canadian based fleet, DAB offers strategic connections to desirable destinations.

Convenience is key.

The airport is located minutes off Interstate 95 next to the Daytona International Speedway.

For Aura Lynn-Rouse, this is part of DAB’s appeal. “It’s closer, actually for us, to come here,” she shares. “It’s smaller airport. The lines are a lot smaller than the big ones [airports]. It’s easier to get in and out.”

A.J. and Olivia Figueroa agree, noting, “Everything goes smooth here. Here, everything goes fast.”

The next closest airport is Orlando, which services over 850 flights daily. DAB currently services 16 flights, ensuring limited chaos.

“It took us maybe 20 minutes to get through check-in and TSA,” AJ Figueroa recalls. “They told us we got here too early when we arrived.” For context, the family usually arrives two hours early for their travels.

And with a young child, quick transitions are key. For the Figueroa’s, this recent adventure was extra special: it was their daughters first flight.

“When we flew out of here, she got her wings. No other airport did that,” Olivia Figueroa says, highlighting the warmth and attentiveness of the airport team.

Daily destinations from DAB include major airport centers like Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Atlanta, with weekly flights to Dallas-Fort Worth and Gulport-Biloxi International Airport as well.

Benefits of smaller airports, as one worker describes, is all the interesting people he encounters “I wouldn’t meet these people if I didn’t work here,” he says, requesting to remain anonymous. He’s met executives and families, people traveling to see loved ones and honor those who have passed.

“We know each other here, [airline service agents and mobility aids],” he continues. “If I worked at a larger airport, I wouldn’t necessarily know the other people working in the airport every day.” 


DAB has extensive parking at affordable rates. In the short-term lot, the first 15 minutes are free. The next 16-30 minutes cost one dollar. Every half hour thereafter is one dollar, totaling 2 dollars an hour. The max daily rate is $15 per 24 hours.

Similarly, long term parking is charged at a $1 per half hour as well with a max daily of $12 per 24-hours. Both short- and long-term parking are quick strolls into the terminal.

Arrival and Preboarding:

Collecting luggage is a breeze. With two baggage conveyors listing the flights on screens above, it’s clear and simple to locate belongings after arrival. Luggage carts are also complimentary. Rental car options abound and are conveniently located across from baggage claim.

For guests waiting on loved ones to return or travelers with time before their departure, The Java Moon Café offers beverages and food in the preboarding area, plus a full-service bar. Adding to the ambiance of the preboarding area is a mini art gallery. Restrooms are accessible from the restaurant as well as on the ground floor near the ascending escalators.

DAB has also partnered with Volusia County Library to provide complementary books, e-books, and audiobooks for passengers—free.

Departures and the Concourse Amenities:

Once inside the concourse, the six-gate setup makes it easy to locate a departure. The Sugar Mill Café offers made to order food items, while The Junction Daytona Beach is a full-service bar. Snacks, beverages, and prepackaged goods and gifts can be purchased at the Daytona News Now shop.

Within the departure terminal, a mother’s room is available for moms who desire some peace while feeding, calming, or caring for their child.

Whether you are looking for an international adventure or local change of scenery, DAB offers a connection to meet your needs. From its accessibility and efficiency to its location and amenities, DAB is key for any successful—and stress-less—journey.

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