Back to School!

Who else feels like the summer went incredibly fast this year? As this issue comes out, we are about two weeks from the new school year starting. As a former principal, there are several parts of the first day of school that I love. The clean slate – every child has a new beginning. For that matter, it is a clean slate for the parents too. Your child is on top of every class and all caught up with work, and you are on top of things!

I also love the excitement on the children’s faces, the new clothes, the crisp paper and sharp pencils. I love the teacher’s rooms freshly decorated and the books lined up for distribution. It all brings me joy!

As we look to help you explore this new year, we have compiled articles on anxiety, working with the school when there is conflict, helpful apps and tips on healthy lunches and snacks. We have also included great book recommendations and health tips.

To help you answer the question about “What activities should my child do after school?” we have compiled a list of activities by county, and they can be found in our directory.

May this school year be your best!



Dr. Barbara C. Holley
Editor, Parent Magazines

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