Sometimes the greatest adventures are not planned. When driving around, returning from errands, you may come upon a space that is begging to be explored. You may wander into an errand where, if you had just a few comforts, you could stay and have a wonderful time. Be prepared this summer by keeping the following items available in a car:

  1. Soccer or playground ball. Any field or park can be the perfect place for a pickup game of soccer or kickball.
  2. A frisbee. Again, more things to do in that field or park, and great to burn off excess energy.
    Sunscreen. Avoid the burn and keep your skin healthy and comfortable.
  3. Bug repellent. No one wants to be attacked by bugs while you are enjoying the great outdoors!
  4. Hats for the whole crew. We keep a baseball cap for everyone in the family in the trunk. They keep the sun out of your eyes, can wrangle hair out of your eyes and protect your head from the sun.
  5. Sneakers and socks. If you stumble on a great hiking area, you will be ready. You will also be ready for that pickup game of soccer or kickball.
  6. Flip-flops. Beach anyone? The hot sand is so much more comfortable with flip-flops to help you get the water without tears.
  7. Swimsuit. Springs and the ocean, a public pool. You never know when the urge to get wet might hit you.
  8. Towels. You may need these if you are going to the beach or on a picnic or if you find a big tree that is perfect for a shady nap.
  9. Beach or camp chairs. One of my favorite things to have in the car when we find a great place to play or read outside.
  10. Beach bag. Because we all know that our little people need us to carry all of the things!
  11. Sunglasses. Protect those eyes.
  12. Snacks. Hangry is a real emotion.
  13. Juice boxes or pouches. They don’t need refrigeration when unopened, and after the play and snacks, your crew will be thirsty.
  14. A blanket. Again, for a picnic or a nap or just to make a home base where everyone can gather after they finish playing.
  15. More toys. A Velcro paddle catch ball set or a football can add even more fun.
  16. A sense of adventure!

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