High School (Youth Partnership Program)

The Youth Partnership Program (YPP) encourages high school students to serve as community volunteers with the purpose of increasing their awareness of the needs of the community and the lifelong value of volunteerism. It also provides the opportunity for students to become knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities as a community volunteer.

A YPP volunteer gives their time and talent by choice, without receiving payment or curriculum credit, to help others in their community or at their school. In the act of volunteering students gain personnel satisfaction, explore careers, develop leadership skills, make new friends, and possibly obtain future job experience. Documented and approved volunteer hours are recorded by the high school and will appear on the student’s high school transcript. Volunteer experience can be an important asset on job and college applications.

Youth Partnership Program Guidelines and Training

Program Guidelines

  • Students may count volunteer work AFTER the completion of the school-based training workshop offered by the high school.
  • Students cannot be paid for services rendered.
  • Students cannot receive academic credit for volunteer work.
  • Students may use this program to meet the requirements of AICE Diploma, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, and the International Baccalaureate Program.


All students must attend a training session with their high school’s YPP Coordinator PRIOR to starting their community service.  Middle schools may also provide training for rising ninth graders who can then begin volunteering the summer prior to starting high school.  The training provides general guidelines on volunteering, tips to find a volunteer placement, and the necessary paperwork to document his/her service hours for the school. These trainings are held periodically throughout the school year at each high school and it is the responsibility of the student to attend.

NOTE:  Be sure to have your YPP Agreement Form completed and approved by your YPP Coordinator prior to commencing your volunteer service.

  • Aim to complete 25 hours of community service each year of high school to have the 100 hours needed for the Bright Futures Academic Scholarship. Students can begin accruing Bright Futures Community Service hours the summer before 9th grade begins.
  • Service hours for Bright Futures will count starting the summer before enrolling in high school. Any hours completed before that time will not count towards the Bright Futures Scholarship.
  • Community service hours are not a requirement to graduate high school but can be helpful to students in discovering careers of interest, demonstrating leadership skills for resumes and scholarships, and most importantly, giving back to their community.
  • Community service projects should benefit the entire community. This means that community service for events such as dances, carnivals, festivals, summer programs, etc. must be open to everyone, including those outside of a neighborhood or organization, and not require payment to participate in the event.
  • Verify that the organization you are planning to volunteer for is a non-profit organization by checking SunBiz. *Note: An organization being non-profit does not automatically guarantee service hours will be granted. Service completed for a non-profit organization must be done under the supervision of a staff member of the non-profit who is not related to the student and at a service location outside of the student’s home. For example, fostering animals, hosting a foreign exchange student, or turning in supplies, canned goods, etc. to claim hours are not eligible activities.
  • Turn in your hours per the guidelines listed above as soon as you complete the hours rather than saving them all until the end of high school to submit.

Local Community Service Opportunities:

Virtual Service Hours Opportunities

Please submit hours for completing pre-approved virtual community service projects from the list below to your high school as you would for a face-to-face service activity. Procedures for submitting hours can be found on your school’s School Counseling website. Face-to-face activities are still acceptable to submit hours for, and information on those can be found in the Local Service Opportunities list below or any activity pre-approved by your school.

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