The Flagler Auditorium Governing Board added an educational component to three of its shows this year.  These selected shows provided workshops for students in Flagler School arts programs.

The Canadian Brass has brought music, imagination, and humor to classical audiences since the group started in 1970.  Chuck Daellenbach, the founder of The Canadian Brass along with his gold plated and carbon bell tuba performed at The Flagler Auditorium recently.  As a child, Chuck’s father gave him daily music lessons.   As a teenager, Chuck studied with legendary Chicago Symphony tuba player, Arnold Jacobs. Those early experiences were life changing for Chuck.

Chuck earned a PH. D. in music from the Eastman School of Music when he was 25 years old.  When Chuck met trombonist Gene Watts they formed a unique brass quintet called the Canadian Brass.  38 years later, Chuck is the most recognized Tuba player in the world. The Canadian Brass has developed a uniquely engaging stage presence and rapport with audiences.  The musicians on this tour, Caleb Hudson, (trumpet) Achilles Liarmakopoulos,( trombone), Jeff Nelsen (French Horn)  and James Vaughen (trumpet) have thrilled audiences all over the world.  All of them are accomplished award winning musicians with degrees in music from distinguished conservatories.

“Music Education plays a key role in the story of Canadian Brass and each member is uniquely attuned to training the next generation of players. On their travels around the world, they often pause for masterclasses and are more than happy to work with students and young audiences.”

Flagler Palm Coast High school band students, under the direction of John Seth, formed a trumpet quintet earlier this year and they performed for The Canadian Brass in a workshop.   Members of Canadian Brass gave them great tips and instructions.  The workshop challenged them to “sing” their part and taught them new techniques on how to create more energy in their performance.

Matanzas High school students under the direction of Ryan Schulz formed a Tuba Quintet earlier in the year.  They came dressed for the occasion and played a beautiful ballad for Canadian Brass.  Members of Canadian Brass worked with each player, helping them to execute better phrasing and line in their performance.   They also gave great advice on keeping an ensemble together.

Six Appeal, an acapella group held a workshop and performed with The FPCHS chorus in February and the drama students of FPCHS worked with The Sharpe Family Singers (Broadway alumni) earlier in March.

The Flagler Auditorium is a unique classroom with many performing arts opportunities for students. Flagler county students share the stage with entertainment from all around the world and the community through this unique partnership.

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