Education is such a large part of our children’s early lives and something that we as parents and caregivers are often worried about.

From preschool to college, parents play a key role in decisions about how to attend, attitudes about school and teachers and the success of learning. From parents who read to their children to those who do math problems on napkins and menus while waiting for meals and from those who do puzzles with their kids to those who teach them family or local history or travel with children, parents are a key part of children’s learning.

The importance of organized school and teaching has never been more evident than during the past two years. Many children have experienced virtual learning, reduced classroom hours, tutoring and homeschooling during the pandemic. It is obvious that our teachers truly are heroes!!

In this issue, we look at some of the educational challenges that children and their families face and give guidance on how to approach these challenges. We want to thank our advertisers and sponsors for allowing us to bring this information to you, our readers.

As we face the last few months of the school year, we hope to arm you with tools that will allow you to finish strong!

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