Lourdes Academy offers a Christ-centered education to children in the Daytona Beach area. Students of this Volusia Catholic school have the opportunity to fully develop in mind, body and spirit by taking challenging classes that are integrated with Catholic teachings. Children have the opportunity to achieve their academic goals while growing in their faith. Here’s how each aspect of this school allows students to reach their full potential.

Catholic Identity

Each Lourdes Academy student is treated as a unique child of God. With prayer, liturgy, community service and religious formation as part of the curriculum, students learn how to put their Catholic faith into action to improve the lives of others. They have space to explore and grow their personal relationships with God while helping people in our community, nation and world.

Dedicated Faculty

Teachers and staff at this Catholic school serve as role models of faith. The Lourdes Academy mission is to change lives each day in our school. Everyone on staff, including several alumni of the school, is devoted to the wellbeing and success of every student. Students at this school are given all the tools they need to become leaders in today’s world, ready to pursue lifelong learning, seek justice and welcome diversity.

Extracurricular Activities

Part of becoming well-rounded in school is participating in extracurricular activities. Lourdes Academy students have the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and flag football with Catholic Youth Sports. Other extracurricular activities include multiple STEM clubs, school band and many community service-oriented groups that meet after school. Students have what they need to explore their interests and develop their gifts and talents.

Lourdes Academy, a Volusia Catholic school, is part of a vibrant community that provides a safe, nurturing environment for students to grow in their faith and prepare for the future. We are dedicated to academic excellence while ensuring students have a strong foundation of faith. To learn more about what makes us different, contact us today.

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