The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We all know that song, and I feel it every year about this time – the excitement of seeing family and friends, feeling the joy of the season and preparing for a new year, a fresh start. Last year many of us celebrated in a smaller setting than usual, and now that things have opened up, we have the opportunity to see and spend time with more loved ones. We are looking forward to that.

But, as we go back to normal, don’t be in a hurry to shed off the simplicity of what we did last year. It was nice to let our expectations be tempered and, as parents, do a little less of what was expected and a little more of what was truly important to our families. I hope looking forward, you keep only the best traditions that allow you peace during this season.

We have assembled some great articles for you to continue to keep this in mind. Articles to help you keep your children calm and in control at family gatherings, alternative gifts that stray from the catalogs we all receive, a compilation of area holiday events and light displays and more. Don’t forget to take a look at our book nook for suggestions on what to curl up and read with your children. They are never too old to sit and read with you.

As we close 2021 and look toward 2022, we wish you peace, love and prosperity.

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