Citrus Grove Elementary Shares Kindness

Citrus Grove Elementary Shares KindnessKindness can be seen as you walk through Citrus Grove Elementary, thanks to the Mural of Kindness. The Mural was created by Volusia County Teacher of the Year, Citrus Grove art teacher Frank Garaitonandia, with the assistance of many teachers who helped paint the mural. Mr. G said it’s one of the projects he’s most proud of. His inspiration was the surrealist artist Rene Magritte, who often played with the idea of the subject incorporating into the background. Mr. Magritte used an umbrella in some of his paintings, and Mr. G thought about how holding an umbrella for someone in the rain is an act of kindness. When standing as the “I,” it is more than posing as a letter – it involves the participant re-enacting an act of kindness. Students and visitors alike are inspired by the mural, and it reflects Citrus Grove Elementary’s commitment to kindness in their school.

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