Kindness and Caring – things we desperately need in our world.

This subject is very close to my heart, and I am especially proud of this issue. We have filled it with articles that will help you make kindness and gratitude a part of your life. We review the uncomfortable topic of medical differences in our children. We have suggestions on how to help your children stop fighting with their siblings. Want to learn how to boost your daughter’s self-esteem or help your teen be more productive? We have content that will help you with that also.

We address diabetes in our Health Corner. It is a growing area of concern for both pediatricians and parents alike. 

November ushers in the holiday season. Thanksgiving gives a day to pause and reflect, but very often, parents are so busy cooking, traveling and visiting family to take a moment to reflect on all that they have to be thankful for. The staff at Parent Magazines Florida celebrates Thanksgiving for our publication a little early, and we have identified the items for which we are thankful:

  • An audience of parents who want what is best for their children
  • Wonderful sponsors and advertisers who want to support our audience
  • School district partners who share the best of what is happening in their schools
  • An enthusiastic team who is committed to bringing you the best content on how to be a better parent!

We wish you a gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.  Be kind to each other.


All the Best,

Dr. Barbara C. Holley
Editor, Parent Magazines

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