Dates: October 3-9, 2021

Volusia County Fire Rescue (VCFR) in partnership with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) proudly announces this year’s Fire Prevention Week. The theme for this year is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” As we move through this dynamic year, we want everyone to take the time and learn the different sounds that smoke alarms and CO detectors make.

To enhance our Community Risk Reduction Initiatives, VCFR wants to reinforce the point of having working smoke alarms and to make sure that everyone understands what these life-saving devices sound like. VCFR also wants to ensure that every home knows how to create and practice a fire evacuation plan, to include establishing your family’s meeting spot. Having a fire evacuation plan has proven to save lives and can be an excellent risk reduction initiative. It is vital to remember that once you have active your plan and have made it to your meeting spot to call 911 and under no circumstances go back inside.

With consideration to this year’s unique situation with the pandemic, we had to really get creative and think outside the box. We decided to modify our Fire Department’s usual presentations inside the classroom and to our community into something a little less face-to-face. We have learned that Virtual Classrooms are an amazing tool.

These Virtual Classrooms have recently proven to be a great way for educators to deliver content to students in a fun and engaging way. So, for our 2021 Fire Prevention Week we will be utilizing a virtual learning experience to teach kids and adults of all ages about Fire Prevention Practices and Fire Safety.  This Virtual Learning Experience will be available to anyone on our website

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