Spider Pizzas:

Supplies: Packaged frozen mini pizza bagels, pitted whole black olives.

Bake per package directions. Use pitted black olives to fashion spiders on top of pizza bagels.

Apple Monsters:

Supplies: Green apples, quartered. Peanut butter, nut pieces, strawberries, sliced and medium candy eyeballs.

Using a sharp knife, cut a mouth out of each apple quarter. Fill the gap with peanut butter. Press nuts and strawberry piece into peanut butter to resemble teeth and a tongue. Using a small dab of peanut butter, attach one or two candy eyeballs onto apple above mouth.

Monster Wraps:

Supplies: Large spinach wraps, favorite sandwich filling, sliced cheddar cheese and/or nori (seaweed wraps) for hair and mouth, Sliced pimento-stuffed olives for eyes, whole olives for bolts and cornichon pickles whole for bolts, halved for eyebrows and nose.

Fill each wrap with desired sandwich filling and roll up like a burrito. Cut cheese slices and/or nori in half and cut triangle shapes for hair. Place on half of wrap. Cut remining half into long strips for mouth. Cut smallest pickles in half lengthwise for eyebrows. Cut a thin slice for nose. Place olive slices for eyes. Use toothpicks to secure two olives or pickles to sides of wrap for Frankenstein’s bolts.

Halloween Worm Sandwich:

Supplies: 8 hotdogs, hamburger buns, 3 tbsp. ketchup or barbecue sauce, 1 tsp cooking oil

Cut each hotdog lengthwise into 4 or 6 pieces. Heat oil in non-stick skillet and fry hotdog strips until they curl. Gently stir ketchup or barbeque sauce with the hotdogs. Toast hamburger buns in the oven for a few minutes.  Add curled hotdogs (worms) and serve.

Chicken Fingers:

Supplies: Chicken breast, non-stick spray, breadcrumbs (or store bought chicken fingers), red peppers cut into triangles

Cut chicken into finger width strips. Spray with non-stick spray and roll in bread crumbs. Pan fry or bake.  OR prepare chicken fingers per direction. Cut a slit for fingernail, and place pepper as nail.  Place on platter and decorate with plastic spider rings.

Mummy Meatballs:

Supplies: Pillsbury crescent rolls, frozen ready to serve meatballs, marinara sauce

Prepare meatballs per directions. Once cool, make strips out of crescent rolls and wrap the meatballs as mummies. Cook according to roll directions. Serve with marinara sauce.

Bloody Blueberry Muffins:

Supplies: Blueberry muffin mix, raspberries

Make blueberry muffin batter as directed, add squashed raspberries and bake according to the directions.

Cheese Cutouts:

Supplies: Sliced cheese, Halloween themed cookie cutters

Cut out shapes from sliced cheese and arrange on a plate.

Skull Cheese Ball:

Supplies: Favorite cheese ball recipe (or cheese ball kit that you mix with cream cheese), olives, almonds

Make the cheese ball mixture. Shape like a skull. Use the olives for eyes and make a mouth out of the almonds. Serve with crackers.


Supplies: Tangerines and a sharpie or pen.

This is a great one for the little ones to do! Draw faces on tangerines and display in clear bowl.

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