Welcome to our second Annual Florida Baby!

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Having a baby is such an exciting time, but children don’t come with instruction booklets.  We have put together a list of books that parents have told us that they cannot live without. We also have a list of podcasts on our website that contain helpful information.

Our health partners have provided information on milestones and tips for nursing and potty training.  We have given you some toy ideas (all with an educational slant) and a list of some baby products that parents identified as winners in their world.

One of the biggest subjects of discussion with new parents is sleep!  Having had a little person come into my household that liked the night life, it was crucial to get her on a regular sleep schedule I could live with.  Luckily, some great advice from my pediatrician helped us do just that.  Hopefully, this issue will also help you!

As we met with new parents, one of the hot topics was discipline.  Rachel Ehmke of the Child Mind Institute shares her wisdom on the subject.

We congratulate you on this journey you have undertaken.  Parenthood is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs there is.  Thank you for letting us be a small part of it.

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Here’s to Healthy, Happy Babies and Parents!

Dr. Barbara

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