Guidelines by the American Red Cross


As school resumes, many of our children will be coming home to an empty house in the afternoon.  Thanks to cell phones, doorbell cameras and other security devices, parents can see what is going on more easily than ever before.  This does not assuage our worry though.  Here are some recommended steps to make sure your child has the safest possible experience.

  • Post an emergency phone list for your child
  • Practice emergency plans (fire, intruder, etc.)
  • Place operational flashlights within reach of your child and make sure they know where they are
  • Remove or safely store dangerous items (including weapons)
  • Poisonous products should be locked up and/or out of reach
  • Medicine locked and/or out of reach
  • Place electrical safety covers
  • Limit Cooking
  • Have an operational smoke alarm
  • Limit screen time. Educate your child to never tell anyone on the internet that they are home alone.
  • Show child simple emergency maintenance (where the water cut off valve is)
  • Have a policy for answering the door and having friends come over
  • Teach your child to keep doors locked when home alone
  • Download the free Red Cross first aid app

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