Children need physical activity to grow up strong and healthy. The CDC recommends that preschool-aged children be active throughout the day, mostly through play, and that children ages 6-17 be active for 60 minutes per day. A key to this is to encourage your child to participate in activities that are fun and to offer a variety. Children should be doing a combination of aerobic activity (like walking, running or anything that makes their heartbeat and breathing faster), muscle-strengthening (such as climbing or doing pushups) and bone-strengthening activities (such as jumping or running).

Fun activities to get the family moving include:

1.) A Family Hike Scavenger Hunt – make a list of items you can find in your area. Types of leaves or insects, wildlife, etc. make great targets. Make a note when you find them, but leave nature as you found it.

2.) Try one of the many kid friendly dance along playlists on your music vendor of choice and get a family dance party going. Maybe introduce the kids to your favorite dance tunes from when you were growing up.

3.) If you have a family of more than three, learn to jump rope double dutch.

4.) Set up a sidewalk chalk obstacle course to give your kids agility and creativity in a workout.

5.) Set up a dice game – assign an exercise for every spot on the die or combined dice roll and have them do the exercise with every roll.

6.) Play indoor bowling.  All you need are household items like pool noodles, empty water bottles and a bouncy ball.

7.) Go for a bike ride or run around your neighborhood to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

8.) Do your yard work as a family. Make it fun by getting their landscaping ideas and letting them choose what they like to do best.

9.) Teach your child to learn to juggle.

10.) Use the Just Dance YouTube Channel to find tons of exercise dances.

11.) Tennis, volleyball or badminton all provide an active sport that works on hand eye coordination.

12.) A pickup game of basketball, kickball or soccer with small teams or one on one is a fun way to play and get your activity in at the same time.

13.) A game of tag is simple, requires no equipment and can be very fun. Freeze tag or TV tag are interesting adaptations.

14.) Water Balloon Fight (or super soaker battle). This will cool you off while you play. If it is too hot or rainy outdoors, a nerf battle in the house can also be a great time.

The bottom line is to be creative and get moving! It will be good for all of you! Parents need to play too!

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