This Book Nook was curated by Kristin Harrington, Ed Tech Coach and Media Specialist at Wadsworth Elementary School, and author of the book “Adventures in Authentic Learning: 21 Step by Step Projects from An Ed Tech Coach”. 

When it comes to reading, parents set the stage for helping their children develop a life-long love of reading and learning. In this Mom’s Issue, we celebrate the bond created when you read with your child.


Just for Fun

These are fun books to read together, making memories while helping your child learn valuable print awareness skills and vocabulary words. 


Book With No Pictures

By BJ Novak

This book starts off a little confusing for your little ones, wondering how a book with no pictures can be interesting. Soon they learn the power of words, and how this author brilliantly gets adults to do silly things simply for the entertainment of children. This will be an instant classic in your home! Buy the book here.


G is for One GZonk

By Tony DiTerlizzi

Young children love this creative rendition of an “alphabet” book, filled with interesting characters reminiscent of those innovated by Dr. Suess. The illustrations are intricate and colorful, making this one you can read over and over, finding new details each time. Click here to purchase this book. 


Pages & Co.: The Bookwanderers

By Anna James

This is truly a story for book lovers, as the author brings you into a fantasy world filled with beloved characters such as Anne from Anne of Green Gables and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Whether nine or ninety nine, you won’t be able to put this book down, making it a wonderful family read aloud. Click here to purchase this book. 


Family EdVentures

Teach your children that books provide information and inspiration! When taking a trip, ask your child what questions they have, where they want to visit, and use books to involve them in the planning process. Here are a few books you can use when planning a Florida Staycation! 


Kids Guide to Birds of Florida

This book provides your child the opportunity to learn nonfiction text features such as captions, Table of Contents, and Headings. Bring this book on your next outdoor adventure, and throw in a pair of binoculars to get up close and personal with our beautiful birds of Florida. Click here to purchase this book. 


America’s National Parks 

Florida is home to 11 national parks, and many are just a short drive from Palm Coast. This kid-friendly travel guide is a great way to inspire your next outdoor adventure and involve your children in the planning process. Click here to purchase this book. 



Fossils- Trip to Hogtown Creek Gainesville 

Take a short drive to Hogtown Creek in Gainesville, Florida where fossils are in abundance. Before you leave, check out this book to help your child hunt and classify the treasures they find. Click here to purchase this book. 



Building Character 

7 Habits of Happy Kids 

This book provides practical strategies to help students set goals and prioritize daily tasks, with habits such as “Put First Things First” and “Think Win Win”, students will learn valuable skills they can use in school and beyond. 

Click here to purchase this book.


The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family 

This book will help your child understand and appreciate the differences in others, while providing a story full of beautiful illustrations. This book can help inspire conversations about your own culture and heritage. Click here to purchase this book.  



Out of My Mind

This book helps children develop empathy for those with disabilities, focusing on a character who has cerebral palsy. Out of My Mind follows the struggles of a girl who has trouble communicating with people due to her disability. Your child will learn that they can’t judge a book by its cover, leading to some great family discussions. Click here to purchase this book.

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