Everyone can play an important role in keeping our environment clean and safe. Conservation or Going Green is a topic on which we all need to focus. Our article on “How Green is Your Family? Ask the Kids?” can help you determine your “green score”. Development is steadily removing our green spaces, and it is getting harder to get rid of refuse. By reusing and recycling, we reduce our footprint on the planet. By planting gardens and buying local, we reduce pollution and wear and tear on our infrastructure, as well as giving essential creatures places to live and thrive. Going Green is a lifestyle with many engaging and fun family activities. We will be exploring a few in this issue, as well as giving you pointers on planting a garden and attracting pollinators. We have even included some links to crafts you can do with your children. We would be remiss if we didn’t let you know what our fantastic school district is doing with gardening and conservation!

Teens are living in a world of constant judgment and stress. Raising Happy Teens gives you guidance on things you can do to help guide your children toward happiness. We also have guidance on how to raise a skilled communicator, something that will help them throughout their life.

March is National Music in our Schools Month! Take a minute to sing a song or play an instrument or listen to music that gives you joy! Gather the family in the living room for a 60 second dance party! Let music raise your spirits this month!

We have great giveaways on our website, and we will be launching our First Annual Best of Our Fantastic Coast contest this month. Watch our social media and weekly newsletter for information on when the contest has launched! https://www.parentmagazinesflorida.com

Here’s to marching away from Winter and into Spring!

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