Technology has enriched our lives in countless ways, and we are so fortunate to have connectivity during the pandemic.

Technology is especially important in education, and that’s why Volusia County Schools is excited to become a full Technology 1-to-1 school district. All VCS elementary, middle and high school students will have a dedicated device for school starting next school year!

As a first step in the transformation, Dell laptops were distributed to middle and high school students in January. Secondary students are using them at school and also taking them home daily for homework and projects. This also assists students who need to learn remotely as the pandemic continues.

Older elementary students (grades 3-5) will each have a laptop for classroom use starting in August, as well, while students in pre-kindergarten through second grade will be assigned Apple iPads for use in school. There will be a device for every elementary student, but those laptops and iPads will remain in classrooms.

The laptops are Microsoft-based, designed for K-12 students with a high-powered processor and large memory to handle technology-based lessons such as mathematical computing, science calculations, graphic design and project work.

Research shows that 1-to-1 laptop programs increase student achievement, and we have wanted to become a Technology 1-to-1 district for a number of years. We are optimistic this will enhance and support the learning environment for all students.

To make sure the rollout goes smoothly, families will be provided a Parent and Student Technical Support Resource, and Help Desk support will be provided by the district and at the school level.

This new program of 33,000 student devices and 2,500 teacher devices is being funded by revenue from the half-cent sales tax approved by Volusia voters to support technology upgrades, and also with federal CARES Act funds. So we also want to thank our community members for helping us make this a reality.

Technology is the future, and we’re proud to join the Technology 1-to-1 family!

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