There usually isn’t anything more satisfying than having a perplexing problem resolved. As we begin a new calendar year, January traditionally has been the month for all of us to establish what we want to improve, and then the pressure begins to “get it done!”

However, this year opens like no other year has before.

As a nation, as a state, and as a community, we have so many challenges before us to work through, but there is much light before us, as well. Whether our concerns be personal, educational, medical, physical, or economic, it’s all about understanding why they need to be figured out.

I have typically been unsuccessful in losing the 10 pounds I want to lose each year, so this past year, I decided to be more realistic! I sat down to truly examine how I conducted myself through my days, realizing that what I needed to accomplish my goals was to actually utilize the technology at my fingertips.

I desperately wanted to be successful. So I admitted that I wanted to use what so many others were easily using – Google Calendar. And, yes, my daughter taught me. I adhered to her patient instructions and Oh My Goodness, my life has been transformed! I’m organized; I’m on time; my family now knows where I am and what I’m up to! Did I realize that was a challenge? Of course not!

January resolutions looming before us don’t have to be set in stone, nor do they even require an immediate 2021 start. Setting goals is a year-long endeavor.

No, I did not lose 10 pounds and I’m not predicting that for myself this year either. I haven’t yet thought about what challenge to conquer for the new year, but I’m quite sure it will reveal itself when I least expect it. I’ve learned that I should simply be realistic about resolutions, and not stress about what I can’t control. And, listening to one’s children doesn’t hurt either!

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