Welcome to the inaugural issue of Florida Baby.  We are very excited to share this annual publication with you and your family.

Florida Baby has been an idea since we acquired Parent Magazines Florida, 3 years ago and like a new baby, we are so happy it’s finally here to share with you.

When my kids were little, they struggled with getting into a nightly bedtime routine.   Back then the resource I used was a book by Dr. Spock.  Through reading his book and following his techniques, I was able to help our kids learn to go to bed nightly at the same time, and sleep through the night!   We hope our magazine becomes a trusted resource for you, like Dr. Spock’s book was for me.

In this issue of Florida Baby, you’ll find articles focused on supporting you through common situations to all new parents during your child’s first few years; like Encouraging Good Sleep Habits, Creating Emotional Safety around Tantrums and Crying and The Mindful Parent: Seven Things Every Baby Needs to Thrive.

We’ve also gathered a ton of information in our Baby Resource Guide which highlights local play spaces and classes, pediatricians, childcare and more.  This comprehensive guide is sorted by county which allows you to have a one-stop spot to find resources for all your baby’s needs.  Also, we’ve included a Book Nook, focused on must-have board books and great read- both you and your child will enjoy!  We’ve also put together a list of “Mom Approved” products straight from our editorial committee, filled with new moms in the trenches like you.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the Beautiful Baby Gallery.  The gallery is filled with winners from our first ever cover contest. These cuties are a perfect reminder of the joys of having children.

Please share this resource with your mom friends and send us feedback via our website www.parentmagazinesflorida.com.