As a child, I could not wait for the month of June. As a student, June meant the school year was ending and summer fun was beginning. To be honest, as a former teacher and principal, educators felt the same way as the students. While COVID -19 has changed our way of doing things, everyone is still looking forward to having time to relax and enjoy the summer months. 

In my family, Father’s Day was always a special time. With my two younger sisters and my mother, my dad was out numbered, however, I was the oldest child and the only son. So my dad and I had a special bond. He loved to watch me play football and would talk endlessly after each game about the great catch or run I made on the field. 

Growing up I did my best to do something special for my dad on Father’s Day. This gave me great pleasure because I knew my dad liked the attention. I would plan with my mother and sisters to make sure we had every meal planned, the proper presents, and of plenty of desserts because my dad loved cake, pies, brownies, and ice cream. 

When I became a father I enjoyed my special day with my wife and daughter, however, I still made time to visit or call my dad and give him a gift. As a dad, I now know the best present you can receive is making memories with your children. 

As a grandfather, Father’s Day takes on more meaning. I realize now more than ever how important parents are in the upbringing of their children. As a grandparent, there are not many things more rewarding than observing your son or daughter demonstrating good parenting skills and showing love and affection to their children. 

This year on Father’s Day, my hope is all dads will be showered with affection and appreciation from their children and spouses. Remember, grandfathers like to be remembered, too.  One is never to old to celebrate and have fun. So on Father’s Day make memories with and for the people you love. You’ll be glad you did! 

Carl Persis

Chair, Central Florida Public School
Boards Coalition

Volusia County School Board, District 4