8 Laugh Out Loud Games and Activities to do at Home

1. Play “Charades” or “Heads Up” – both are fun, silly, games that offers lots of laughs

Check out this website for lists of kid friendly charade categories and words: https://kidactivities.net/charades-ideas-for-kids/

2. “Heads Up” is a Free App game from Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros

This game is similar to Charades but will be cool enough to engage your “techy” teenager.  Look for it in your phone’s app store.

3. Play “Junk in the Trunk”:

This game is hilarious! With a kleenex box strapped around your waist, participants try and get the 8 ping pong balls out of the box  without using their hands.  Just by the movement of your body.

It is really funny to watch! We laughed so hard that it was difficult to keep the game going!

Photo Credit: thechaosandtheclutter.com

4. Play: “Cookie on the Face” game 

Each person places a cookie on their forehead and has to get it into their mouth without touching the cookie with their hands.  You can time this for a minute or just try until you’re successful.  

Laughs are sure to follow!

5. Make a Crazy Collage

Use poster board, scissors, glue and old magazines and newspapers. Instruct participants to cut out funny pictures and/or headlines that make them laugh and glue them to the poster board to make crazy collages. For an extra challenge, create headlines with different photos to make funny statements. Hang the collages up around the house to provide some daily giggles!

Visit this website for instructions and ideas:  https://picklebums.com/crazy-photo-collages/

6. Have a funniest joke contest:   

Use this website to find new funny kids jokes.   https://frugalfun4boys.com/hilarious-jokes-for-kids/

7. Play:  Would you Rather?:

Find funny questions and play together as a family. The link below will give you a great list to get started.


8. Pull a Prank on your kids

There are loads of fun, family friendly pranks online that will get everyone laughing out loud! 

I like this water bottle prank I found @ https://allfortheboys.com/water-bottle-prank/

Photo credit: allfortheboys.com