Motherhood can seem a little isolating. You are concentrating on the little humans in your care, and you may not have as much time by yourself to see old friends, or you may find you have less in common now. What to do? Find some new Mommy friends to spend time with!

Here are some ways to find other Moms:

  1. Take advantage of library programs
  2. Join a Moms Group
  3. Post in a Facebook Group
  4. Use the Peanut App
  5. Find a Moms of Preschoolers group
  6. Sign up for a Mommy and Me Class
  7. Put yourself out there – walk the neighborhood with your kids
  8. Ask the hospital you delivered at if they have any support groups (like nursing)
  9. Google Mom or Parent Groups in your town.
  10. Check out
  11. Check out

If you cannot find a group that meets your interests, start your own group.

Tips for starting your own Moms group:

  1. Define your vision. What interests do you have? What activities do you want your group to do? Meet for coffee? Exercise? Explore Museums?
  2. Identify Potential Members. Invite more through or facebook groups.
  3. Choose the activity, place and time for your initial meeting
  4. Keep it friendly. There should be a general understand that what is talked about in the group is confidential, that you are all there to try to understand each other, and it will be about listening instead of shaming each other.

Local Mom Groups:

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