Here are 21 fun and creative activities to do with your kids this Easter.

  1. Hold an Easter Egg Hunt

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a treasure egg hunt or hunting by names, this will surely bring out the laughter in your house and give you a glimpse of the competitive side of your kids!


  1. Make Easter Cookies

Bake some cookies together and decorate them with Easter themes using brightly colored icing.


  1. Make Chocolate Nests

To make chocolate nests:

  • 2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 10 ounces milk chocolate (melted)
  • Mix and shape and chill until hardened.
  • Add candy eggs of your choice.


  1. Hold an Egg Race

Let all the race participants decorate their own hard boiled egg with by dipping in colors, crayon, marker, paint or glitter. Then hand them all a spoon and let them race off on the predetermined course. The winner will be the one who reaches the finish line first without dropping their egg.


  1. Play Bunny, Bunny, RABBIT!

If your kids have plenty of energy to burn, this is the game for them! As you’ve probably guessed, this is an Easter variation on the classic duck, duck, GOOSE game. Here’s how to play:

  • Sit the kids down in a circle, and select one child to be “it”.
  • The “it” child walks around the outside of the circle patting each player on the head and saying “bunny” until they want to say “RABBIT”.
  • Both the “it” child and the RABBIT must hop around the circle trying to reach the vacant spot.
  • Whoever doesn’t make it to the spot in time is then “it”.
  1. Egg Toss

You will need plastic Easter eggs and a basket. Using colorful adhesive tape, draw a line on the floor. Children must stand behind this line. Draw another line a short distance away and deposit the basket near this line. Give each child five eggs. Children take turns throwing their eggs

  1. Make an Easter Piñata

This is so cute – and although it may look difficult to make, it’s not if you follow our simple steps. Once your piñata is made, hang it and get ready for the chaos that ensues when the kids get involved. For alternatives to a chick, what about a fluffy sheep, with a piñata covered in cotton balls?


Supplies Needed

  • Balloon
  • Newspapers
  • Crepe paper
  • Feathers
  • Orange or brown card
  • Glue made with one cup flour to 2 cups of water

Next steps

  • Cover the blown up balloon with strips of paper dipped in the glue solution.
  • Remove excess glue before putting on the balloon in order to dry quicker. About 3 layers is sufficient.
  • If you require the chick’s eyes to
    be more prominent build up two platforms for the eyes with papier mâché.  Allow to dry.
  • The base of the mache is cut to remove the balloon and to create an entrance for the sweets. This can then be taped closed and covered with the chick’s feet.
  • Mark on the papier mâché where the eyes and mouth are going to be. Mark the mouth area with a black circle. At this stage if you want you could paint the rest of the area yellow so no unseemly newspaper shows.
  • Cut the crepe paper into 2inch squares. You will need quite a few squares, so without unfolding the crepe paper mark 2 inches down and cut across. Then mark the centre and cut again. Cut through the sides that are joined. The squares do not have to be uniform.
  • Using a pencil, place the rubber end into the centre of the square, pull the sides of the paper up around the pencil, dip into glue and stick it onto the piñata. Continue doing this until the entire area is covered except the face area.
  • The beak is made out of orange card. Diagram for beak at right. The flaps to hold the beakin place are placed to the outsideand then covered with the crepe feathers.
  • The eyes are hand drawn and stuck on the area marked for the eyes. Smaller squares of crepe are used near the eyes.
  • Fill with candy or
    small toys and enjoy!
  1. Read Some Classics

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Mr. Tod, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of the Flopsie Bunnies are lovely stories to read with your children during this time.


  1. Watch some Easter movies together

There are lots of great Easter Movies that you can sit down together and watch this Easter. Some ideas: Hop, It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies, Ben Hur, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Mystery of the Easter Chipmunk, and Rise of the Guardians.



  1. Tell Some Easter Jokes

Who’s the funny bunny in your family? Get the giggles started with some fun Easter jokes, including such gems as:

Q: What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?

A: Hot cross bunnies!

  1. Make Easter Brunch

Don your aprons and check out these creative and festive Easter Brunch ideas – from Easter-shaped pancakes to scrambled egg Easter bunnies. Yum!


  1. Make Fingerprint Bunnies

Messy, but lots of fun! Use your thumb print dipped in paint for the head, and your other finger prints to form the rest of the body. Make a bunny family keepsake – you could even repeat this each year.

  1. Create an Easter Play

Have the children put on an Easter play or a puppet show of their own creation. Those mismatched socks that are always hanging around are the perfect choice for sock puppets, and old buttons, scraps of wool and fabric, pipe cleaners and ribbon are great for decorating.

  1. Play Bunny Tag

Kids get a ton of exercise when they play bunny tag. Pick one child to be the dog chasing the other kids, who are the bunnies. The bunnies hop away from the fast-walking dog. If they are caught, they crouch down and use their arms to make bunny ears atop their head until the game is finished. The last bunny caught becomes the dog during the next round.

  1. Easter Egg Balance

Grab some kitchen utensils, such as a soup ladle, dessert spoon, wooden spoon and potato masher, and a few hard boiled eggs. You can decorate the eggs by painting them first.

Ask your kids to choose a utensil and try to balance the egg on top of it and proceed to cross to the other side of the room. Once they have tried all the utensils, ask them which they prefer and why.

  1. Make Egg Shakers

Get some plastic eggs and open them up. Decide what you want to put inside your shaker- rice, beans, lentils are good choices. Fill the bottom part of the egg almost to the rim, then glue the two egg halves together. Why not make a variety of egg shakers, each with different sounds?

All you need for this ingenious activity is some string or wool (preferably red), sticky tape, and a hallway.

You need to create a grid using the string that the kids will then attempt to pass through without touching the “laser beams”.

Anyone who does touch the laser has to return to the start line again. You can begin with an easy grid and increase the level of difficulty with age and ability.

It will occupy them for hours – and you may want to have a go yourself!

  1. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Print an Easter bunny on cardboard with the tail area visible. Then cut off the tail area. Each player must cut out a circle from white card and glue some cotton wool to it. Stick some blue-tack to the back of each tail and write each players name on their tail. Each player is to be blindfolded before they take their turn of attempting to pin the tail on the bunny.

  1. Playdoh Time

Model figurines resembling your family out of Playdoh. Next, roll some egg shapes for Easter eggs. Then make the Easter bunny. Hide the “eggs” for your “family” to find – you can create tree shapes and a garden items to hide your eggs behind!


  1. Easter Story Writing

Have a family story-writing competition. Help younger ones who may be unable to write, but can still make up their own story – they could tell their story with pictures, or you can write it for

  1. Make Easter Masks

Make Easter masks using paper plates and paint. Start by deciding if you want to be a bunny, chick, lamb or something else seasonal. Have an adult cut out the eye holes, then have lots of fun decorating with paint, stickers, string or wool for hair, cotton balls for wool, etc. You could use card to cut out extra pieces (eg bunny ears) and stick them on too.

  1. Decorate an Easter Tree

Get your artificial tree out of storage and let your kids decorate it with plastic eggs, ribbons, fake flowers and stuffed animals.

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