Our youth are making a difference. Here are 2- 16 year olds who are leading our world forward by keeping us active, connected and motivated in the time of national and global need. Kylee is in D.C. and one of her best friend, Tovliyah, is in Florida but they are connected daily through their passion to learn, create, innovate and serve.

Hello everyone! My name is Kylee Majkowski. I am 15 years old and I have been running a business called Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand since I was 7 years old. COVID-19 has our nation in a very scary place right now. However, I am a believer that positivity is exactly what we need in times of crisis and I know that Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand can offer an opportunity for some of you to fill those long days with some fun. My best friend, Tovliyah moved to Florida last year, two months after she became the most important friend in my life. It has been over a year since she left and although I miss her every day, we have remained in contact and see each other when we can. Tovliyah is hilarious, kind, beautiful, and wise beyond her years. I am supposed to see her soon, but with the Coronavirus situation, there could be a possibility of needing to postpone that. Like my mom, Tovliyah’s mother is an entrepreneur herself and has promoted the same business mindset from a young age that my mother has always shown me. The empowering message Tovliyah received from her mother has made her a confident and passionate young woman. Together, we think about the importance of “thinking out of the box” during this time in our history.

Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand is a non-profit that teaches kids from the ages of 7 to 11 how to start their own businesses through our online curriculum. Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand focuses on giving our mini-preneurs the tools necessary to succeed in today’s world while centering our teaching around our cornerstones of creativity, risk, passion, and empathy.

Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand started out because we know that kids in school had a thirst to want to learn more. There was an attraction to the entrepreneurial spirit we witnessed around us and we wanted to understand it more. With the situations being what they are in the world right now, we believe that there may be that same thirst for some unique learning. Tovliyah and  I have been thinking about ways we can engage  communities around the world more in the TLS curriculum.

With the time people have on their hands, learning how to start a business may be an excellent way to boost morale and insert some innovative energy into your days or weekends .The TLS team considers it important to remain positive in less than ideal situations and thinks of this time as an amazing opportunity to perhaps assist those in need of some productive things to do.  How can your idea help others??

Our curriculum is flexible, it fits with large groups or individual children. We have 7 Modules designed to get a mini-preneur on the road to building a successful business. However, if your mini-preneur does not need all the information we provide, that’s okay. The curriculum can be started from the beginning or the middle depending on individual needs. It’s customizable to what you may want or need.

We are also aware that it may be a challenge to get access to our program due to limited exposure to the tools in order to download and view the curriculum. Unfortunately, resources may not be available in certain communities to use what we are offering. We are also offering to mail a paper copy to mini-preneurs who do not have broadband. This is a concern and problem we do not take lightly, because we believe our program is universal and not for the select few. Please know that Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand is trying to get our curriculum to all communities, and we welcome any help in further spreading our offerings. We believe the strength of the TLS community is built on diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion. During times of stress like the one  we are facing worldwide, we feel it is important to make these free tools available to the inspiring mini-preneurs in all communities.

To get folks started, we hope you can download our curriculum and get started:

For a small group of kids: Start with pushing to your passion P/B: 5 and Somebody else’s shoes E:2

For an individual child: Start with Brainstorming Ready:1 and Rules Schmuels Ready: 5

Our ultimate goal at Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand is for our mini-preneurs to have fun and make a difference.   If you’d like to gain access to our curriculum, please visit the www.tomorrowslemonadestand.com website or contact one of us or our other co-Founder

Amanda Antico- amanda@tomorrowslemonadestand.com
Tovliyah Bewry – tovliyah.bewry@gmail.com
Kylee Majkowski – kyleemaj1@gmail.com  or kylee@tomorrowslemonadestand.com

Whether you are interested in growing your entrepreneurial skills or not, we are here for you and would like to help you be connected. Please write us with questions, comments or concerns and we will help in any way that we can. You are an amazing source of ingenuity so stay strong, connected and motivated during this time and we will all support each other to grow in ways we couldn’t without this crisis.

From our friends at GlobalMindED