Don’t worry, mom

Questions and concerns abound during pregnancy and parenthood, but we’ve got you covered.

“ How much weight should I gain during my pregnancy?”
“When will I feel my baby kick?” “ How many diapers should my newborn go through each day?”

Those are just a few examples of the thousands of questions filling the heads of new parents and parents-to-be. When you’re pregnant, every feeling is amplified out of concern for the fragile life inside: Is this pain normal or do I need to call my obstetrician? Sorry, mom, that concern you feel for your child will never go away.

Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital have teamed up with Wildflower Health, a mobile health software company, to create and launch the MyFamily app to guide parents through pregnancy and beyond. The app is filled with articles written by trusted health professionals and has different features to make parenting just a little easier.

Brett McClung, president and CEO of Baptist Health, said, “Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital want to help families be as healthy as possible throughout their lives. The MyFamily app is an extension of our expertise and care, helping us to fit into the daily lives of parents as they take care of themselves and their children at every stage.” “We are so proud to offer the MyFamily app so we can continue to provide support long after childbirth,” said CC Brooks, vice president of Patient Care Services for Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. “As a mom and a former labor and delivery nurse, I know how important it is for parents to have access to the reliable information they need as their families grow and needs change. This new app helps by offering health trackers for kids as they mature and the ability to include a health profile for every family member.”

From positive pregnancy test to delivery

Parenthood begins long before a baby is born, which is why MyFamily is designed for parents from the moment they find out they’re expecting, helping moms-to-be stay active and hydrated, remember to take prenatal vitamins, go to regular appointments and communicate with doctors and nurses. Pregnancy features include:

  • Week-by-week updates
  • Due date calculator
  • Daily tips and affirmations
  • Symptom checker
  • Personalized healthy pregnancy actions
  • Baby kick counter
  • “Q-List” to keep track of things to talk about with your doctor

Hello, baby!

The fun really starts once you meet your new bundle of joy, and so does the hard work. And those concerns you had during pregnancy? Well, now you actually have a tiny human to care for around the clock!

Focusing on early childhood development and parental health, the MyFamily app seamlessly transitions from pregnancy to parenthood.

Manage the health needs of your family with:

  • Important clinical topics for newborns and young children from 0 to 2 years old, like developmental milestones by age, literacy, dental health and nutrition
  • Tracking of developmental milestones and management of important activities, such as scheduling recommended well-child checks
  • Tips on challenges facing new parents, including articles on postpartum depression
  • Life hacks for new parents like sleep, swaddling and traveling n Popular tracking tools include a feeding tracker, diaper tracker and growth tracker

Health for the whole family

While your baby is undoubtedly one of the most important people in your life, he or she isn’t the only one you want to stay healthy. MyFamily helps you learn about your husband’s heart health, stay on top of grandma’s screenings and more, all from the convenience of your phone.

Top overall health features include:

  • Trackers: Set up vaccination, growth, weight and height trackers which seamlessly sync with your Apple Health app and can be used by the whole family.
  • Milestones: Create profiles for every family member with health milestones for mom, dad and even grandma. The little ones have detailed milestones for those important first few years.
  • Highlights: Receive personalized daily highlights and seasonal health tips for the whole family.
  • Who to call: Use simple click-to-call for direct access to your own health team and resources with Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

It’s easy to download MyFamily to your smartphone, and it’s free. Text PARENTS to 904.441.5204 or search in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Jonathan Woodhouse is a writer-editor for Baptist Health Jacksonville

Jonathan Woodhouse, Baptist Health Jacksonville