Grades K-2

Rot, the Cutest in the World!
by Ben Clanton

For a mutant potato. Rot has so much self-confidence that he enters “The Cutest in the World Contest.” Then he meets the other contestants who are all adorable. When Rot decides he should just be himself, his inner beauty shines…but is it enough for the judges?

The Very Impatient Caterpillar
by Ross Burach

With a nod to a certain classic picture book, the magical process of metamorphosis is explored from the point-of-view of a hilariously clueless caterpillar who literally just can’t wait to be a butterfly!


Grades 3-5

The Ambrose Deception
by Emily Ecton

Three students are chosen seemingly at random to participate in a scavenger hunt with a ten thousand dollar prize. Is Melissa a forger? Or an entrepreneur? Is Bondi a con man? Or a hard worker? And is Wilf a thief? Or filled with adventure? These three children race around Chicago trying to solve their clues first. But there is much more than meets the eye. This scavenger hunt, and all of the people associated with it, are more than meets the eye.

by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead

It’s been five years since Livy last opened the door to the bedroom closet, but Bob, a small green being wearing a chicken suit, has been patiently waiting for her to return and help him figure out his identity and where he belongs. After all, a promise is a promise.


Grades 6-8

 24 Hours in Nowhere
by Dusti Bowling

Gus hopes in just a short twenty-four hours, he can explore and escape the abandoned mine in his home of Nowhere, Arizona. He just has to find the rumored gold, win back a dirt bike from a thirteen-year-old bully, and try not to die from dehydration, cave-ins, and wild animal attacks. But man can’t survive on Twinkies alone. A life-threatening adventure such as this requires the companionship of the dirt bike-riding new girl in town and Gus’s two former friends. Throughout the day and night, the group of outsiders learn that they have more things in common than they realized, and it’s their newly formed bond that will be the key to their survival. Bikes might get damaged and bones might get broken, but their newly formed friendship will thrive in this desert town.


 Captain Superlative
by J.S. Puller

Janey Silverman doesn’t know what to make of the girls with the red mask, blue wig, silver swimsuit, high top sneakers and a cape. She’s determined to find out more about the girl who runs through the halls of Deerwood Park Middle school championing good deeds and standing up to bullies. When she tries out her secret identity, she gets more than she bargains for as Captain Superlative’s new sidekick. Janey also finds out some secrets about herself and what makes a good here, and a good friend.


Grades 9-12

by Sarah Crossan

“You can know all the facts you want about a person … but you’ll never know for sure what’s driving his heart.” Joe, Ed, and Angela grew up without a dad and with a junkie mom, but at least they had each other. Until the day Ed doesn’t come home. It’s been 10 years since Joe last saw Ed when he hears that Ed finally has been given his execution date as he waits on death row. Joe decides it’s finally time to get rid of the excuses and spend all the time he can with his brother, no matter what the truth of his crime is, as they fight for appeals to save his life. How do you find yourself while in the midst of losing others? When your family has been broken, how do you make yourself whole?


by Lynette Noni

“Words are too precious to throw around carelessly. Words demand respect. They are beautiful; they are terrible. They are a gift and a curse. I will never forget what they can do. Because words have cost me everything.” For over two years, she hasn’t spoken a word. She hasn’t even uttered her name. Known simply as Subject Six Eight Four or Jane Doe, only she knows the secret power of her words — something her evaluators at Lengard, a secret government facility, cannot imagine. Enduring experiments and finding that she doesn’t know who to trust, will Jane Doe learn to trust herself enough to risk? What if the power of your words could change the world? Would you speak?

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