March is here and spring is near. What could be better? Parents need to know spring break begins on Friday, March 13 with students returning to classes on Monday, March 23.

With Bike Week and spring break, the month of March is always a busy and exciting time in Volusia County. Parents may be doing spring-cleaning, planting a garden, or getting ready to do some outside home improvements. March is the month to spend more time outside and give more thought to protecting our environment.

When you hear the term Going Green what does it mean to you? I start thinking about reducing our carbon footprint, improving our waterways, protecting animals, reducing the amount of single use plastics and using more solar energy.

Parents can do little things to teach their children how to use fewer single use plastic products. For example, bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store is a great way to start good green habits. Did you ever stop and think about how many plastic bags are used unnecessarily. In fact, just think of how many times the cashier gives you a plastic bag when you do not even need a bag. We have hands. Just use your hands to carry two or three items.

Another way to Go Green is to eliminate single use plastic straws. These items are very harmful to marine life and we use over 300 million every day in the United States. Most restaurants around the country are Going Green and not issuing a straw unless the customer asks for one. The straws many restaurants are using are made of bamboo or hardened paper. We really do not need to drink from a straw.

Going Green is an easy way to help the planet survive. Our children and grandchildren and their children deserve to enjoy this wonderful place we call Earth. So let’s all start to do the right things. You will be surprised how easy it is to Go Green and you will feel better knowing you are doing your part to make our environment cleaner and safer for everyone.

Carl Persis

Chair, Central Florida Public School
Boards Coalition

Volusia County School Board, District 4