From The Desk of Superintendent Dr. Ronald “Scott” Fritz

Hello Volusia County Parents,

I am Superintendent of Volusia County Schools, Dr. Scott Fritz. Here’s what I’m looking to implement this school year and for the future:

Elementary School:

  • Push early literacy programs in the areas of the county that need it the most
  • Start preparing students for the Florida Standards Assessments in second grade rather than third grade
  • “Looping” high-impact teachers, so they stay with the same students for two years
  • Greater emphasis on writing

Middle School:

  • Combining sixth and seventh grade math
  • Introducing algebra sooner in some cases, as well as introducing geometry to students earlier
  • A voluntary program in seventh grade where schools give the top 20% of students a chance to take the SAT, a college-readiness exam, while parents are being educated about paths and opportunities for students in high school.

High School:

  • Shifting the culture away from what credits students need to graduate, to what skills are needed to reach their post-secondary goals.
  • This could include going to a four-year college or learning how to follow a recipe for a student
  • Schedule students for high-level classes like Advanced Placement, based on the potential shown in their FSA scores.
  • Teachers will be instructed to use lesson plans provided by the College Board for AP classes, rather than ones they create themselves, as well as tutoring and mock exams throughout the year paid for by the schools.
  • Schedule the Pre-SAT exam for ninth and 10th graders, paid for by the school
  • Schedule the SAT exam for 11th and 12th graders, paid for by the school
  • Standardize practices across the district by asking the most effective teachers what they’re doing right.

Just the Facts:

General Budget:  $535,700,700

Capital Budget: $327,100,000

Total Cost per Student
per Year:

Percent of Budget Spent on Instruction: 61%

Number of Schools: 85

Number of Students: 63,000

Graduation Rate: 84.5%

Percent of Students on Free or Reduced Lunch: 64.4%

Student Ethnicity:
58% White, 19% Hispanic, 16% African-American, 2% Asian, 5% other

District Grade: B

Student Teacher Ratio: 15:1


Top 25 Frequently Called Numbers

DeLand: 386-734-7190

Daytona: 386-255-6475

New Smyrna Beach: 386-427-5223

Osteen: 386-860-3322

General Information x 20000

Area Superintendent x 20237 or 20777

Superintendent of Schools x 20210

Alternative Programs x 20645

Elementary School Services x 20571

ESE Prog/Student Services x 33253

Extended Day x 50717

Facilities x 50764

Financial and Bus. Services x 20322

FUTURES Foundation x 50723

Gifted x 20463

Guidance x 20538

High School Services x 20674

Human Resources x 20090

Instructional Services x 20692

Middle School Services x 20674

Professional Standards x 20256

Records x 20433

School Way Café x 50727

Student Discipline x 20061

Title I x 33231

Transportation-Routing x 50550

Volunteers/Partners x 38380

World Languages x 33231

Zoning/Variances x 50726 or 50835



Volusia County Schools will ignite a passion for learning by providing a challenging, creative curriculum in a safe, supportive environment where students reach their highest potential.


Ensuring all students receive a superior 21st century education.

Awards and Achievements

  • Astrid Augat, Spruce Creek High teacher, and Dr. Grace Kellermeier, World Language Health & Physical Education Curriculum specialist, both received awards at the Florida Foreign Language Association state conference
  • Thirty-five elementary schools met the distinguished criteria required to become certified in the HealthierUS School challenge
  • Zoey Balcom, Heritage Middle student, won the 2018-2019 Art in the Capitol award. The Art in the Capitol Competition is a statewide visual arts competition for all students grades 6 through 8. The winner s’ artwork will be displayed in the Capitol during a regular legislative session
  • Timbercrest Elementary and Osceola Elementary were both recognized as Florida Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Model Schools, gold status
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