We are proud to have completed our first year as publishers of Parent Magazine and what a year it has been! We have published 9 monthly issues and our first Health and Wellness issue. Our social media reach has grown over 10% and based on the feedback parents have given us they appreciate the information we are providing.

We would not be at this point, about to begin our second year, with such partners and stakeholders: the School District, Sponsors, Advertisers and YOU THE READERS!

Our vision/purpose is to publish a magazine which would be a trusted resource and a valuable tool to the parents of school-aged children.

As we start the new year, please consider subscribing to Parent Magazine by going to our website. In addition to receiving the digital version of the magazine to go back to your favorite articles, you will receive our Weekly Family Things To Do Newsletter and our Monthly Digital Parent Newsletter. Our monthly newsletter will be changing this year, with a fresh new look and an easy way to access previous and current articles and content.

Here is what you can expect this upcoming school year:

1. A new website has been launched to coincide with the publishing of this September Back to School Issue.

2. In September we will launch our new “Parent Magazine Digital Newsletter”

3. Throughout the year you’ll see even more Local Content and more Family Things To Do!

With your continued support we will work every day to make Parent Magazine better and better. Please visit our new website, and give us your feedback.

Thank you again for your support and best wishes for a GREAT school year!


Dr. Barbara C. Holley