My favorite part of being Superintendent is the ability to visit schools and connect with students. It is always a good day when I can start it in a school and a classroom. It brings me back to the days when I was a teacher and the important role I played in my students’ lives. We are entrusted with the care and educational growth of your children each and every day and for that I am very thankful.

Recently, we had the honor of celebrating our teachers at the annual Teacher of the Year banquet, produced by INK. Teachers from across the district were recognized for their contributions to students and dedication for their craft. This event culminated in choosing just one teacher, a very daunting task for the judges, to represent our district and go on to compete at the state level. This year, that teacher was Pedro Menendez High School’s Mr. Danny Erb.

Mr. Erb loves math and helping his students love it too, no matter their level of understanding or ability. Having a background in engineering, he enjoys analyzing data though what gets him excited to teach each day is to expose students to new ideas and perspectives. When his students leave his class they leave with respect for learning and confidence in their ability to solve problems.

Often, we are grateful for what our teachers do for the students, but Mr. Erb is a teacher who outwardly expresses his gratitude to his students throughout a class period. He is constantly moving around the room to engage, encourage and educate his students which stems from his philosophy to not only focus on curriculum and content mastery, but the growing human beings in front of us. Mr. Erb embodies all the traits possessed by great teachers, and it is wonderful to have him represent our district this year.

A huge shout out to the INK staff and board for producing the Teacher of the Year banquet! They spend countless hours securing sponsors, planning and bringing this special night to life. On behalf of the district and our school board, THANK YOU INK for all you do to celebrate our teachers.

The pillar of the month is trustworthiness, and standing by your friends, family and country is paramount to being the very best version of yourself. We should help our children to have the courage to do the right thing even when it’s not the popular thing. Here’s to being “true blue” this month!

Tim Forson, Superintendent of Schools, St. Johns County School District