Rymfire Elementary School is home to the RES Roadrunners and is a place where students are encouraged to learn, explore and develop to their fullest potential. Students embrace the expectation of being respectful, responsible, safe and engaged.


Each Flagler School offers a unique Flagship Program, which allows students opportunities to discover paths that lead them from Classroom to Career success. Our mission is to teach our students the importance of a healthier lifestyle through experiences that focus on exercise and nutrition. Partnerships with The Flagler County Education Foundation, Florida Hospital Flagler, and other local businesses provide students with many opportunities to learn and grow through hands on experiences in our very own “medical lab.”


At the heart of RES there are teachers who strive to promote active lifestyles for our students. The staff sponsors programs like running club, morning mile, volleyball, basketball, yoga and much more.  Florida Hospital Flagler is a tremendous supporter of our Rymfire flagship, including the support of a program called the Morning Mile. In this program, students are encouraged to run a mile before school. This program provides students with the opportunity to exercise and refocus their energy before beginning their day of learning. In the spring, RES offers an after school running club. The Running Club helps students achieve their running and fitness goals while preparing for The Rymfire 5K.


Preventative oral health care, sponsored by the Florida Department of Health, is offered to our students. Weekly hygienists provide education and protective sealants to students at no cost. The goal of this program is to teach children how to properly clean their teeth, provide a fluoride treatment and allow the students to ask questions. This school year, more than 400 students will be seen through this program.


Over the years the RES PTO has formed a deep partnership among staff, parents and students.  The PTO has organized creative ways to raise funds for the school. Funds raised help teachers enrich their classrooms and provide engaging field trips for students!  Beyond fundraising, the PTO has made it their mission to provide family centered events, strengthening the Rymfire community. Some examples include: Scavenger Hunts, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances, Spaghetti Dinner Night, and Rymfire’s Got Talent. Whether on campus or off, the RES family enjoys spending time together, making lifelong memories.


Rymfire Elementary offers amazing musical education to students through programs like chorus, guitar club, bucket drumming, dance and steel drums. Mrs. Seth, the music teacher at RES, is working with students to prepare them for multiple opportunities to display their talents, including a Winter and Spring full-scale production/concert. Mrs. Seth couldn’t do it alone, but has many dedicated faculty and staff members that help to support our students as they grow musically. Through the partnership of Kids Rock the Nation, RES was gifted over 30 guitars for students to learn basic guitar skills. Guitar club has helped to change the trajectory of many students. It is through such opportunities that students are given a chance to connect with unknown talents and build a sense of pride.


While a variety of after school activities are offered for fun, RES also offers many learning opportunities for parents to better understand the Florida Standards and the rigorous curriculum that is used to teach those standards. At RES, we understand and value the partnership of our families and work diligently to connect them to the learning that happens on our campus. Strong family-school relationships help our students be more successful in all areas. This year, we launched our Connecting Games to Learning events in which teachers create games that embed the Florida Standards and kinesthetic learning. Such activities allow students to demonstrate learning through fun physical activities.


RES has a number of educational leadership programs that support the growth and development of students beyond the general curriculum. For example, Future Problem Solvers, Community Problem Solvers, Robotics, TWTR News Crew, Student Council, Ambassadors and Aquabots. Rymfire Aquabots is an underwater robotics group sponsored by a grant with SeaPerch. Rymfire Aquabots are teams of 5th and 6th graders that build underwater robots.  Students must navigate the ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicle) though different challenges and obstacle courses. Students also participate in a regional competition with a chance to go to Internationals.  While these activities enhance student education they also instill strong foundations of collaboration and teamwork.

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