Happy New Year! I hope your families enjoyed the holiday season and the time they had to rest and recover. This is always an exciting time of the year as we welcome back students and teachers to our campuses to prepare for the second half of the school year. We are ready to pick up where we left off in December and keep the momentum going.

James T. Russell, Superintendent of Volusia Schools

During the holiday season I was able to reflect on how appreciative I am of this district, its students and staff. It was so refreshing to see the many students and staff participating in holiday parades across the county and the energy and talent that was showcased during those events. Further, it is remarkable to see how our staff supports one another and those around them, and that’s very evident during the holiday season. Between the Thanksgiving Basket Brigade, the shoe drives for the homeless and the Feed the Need food drive, you can see our staff step up to help those who are in need.

      As the second semester begins, I want to once again express the importance of safety in our schools. Parents, please talk to your children about making wise decisions. Further, please talk to your students about not being afraid to speak up when they see something out of the ordinary. Our priority is to provide a safe learning environment for our students, and we need your help to do so.

      I am happy that everyone has returned and I look forward to seeing what our students and teachers can accomplish in 2019. Thank you for continued support in your child’s education as we press onward toward success. We are All-in!

Thank you,

James T. Russell, Superintendent