Dear Friends,

      As we welcome the joyous holiday season into our homes this month, we know there is much to look forward to with our families and friends. This is one of the most meaningful times of year as we come together to enjoy one another and celebrate. For my family, the holiday season has always been eagerly anticipated by children and adults alike. From caroling to cooking, the days leading up to Christmas and the new year have been a way for our family to share in our long-standing traditions and create new ones that will be shared with future generations of our family. One of our favorite family traditions on Christmas Eve involves singing Christmas carols with each family member choosing a song to sing and ending with “12 Days of Christmas.”

      Another of our favorite traditions includes the time we spend together in the kitchen, baking for the annual cookie exchange. It’s a wonderful time to teach the children and grandchildren how to navigate the kitchen while incorporating a few math skills in the process. Measuring, counting, and sorting are all part of the experience and your little ones will have so much fun following your lead they won’t even realize they’re learning during their vacation! On top of that comes the joy of sharing with friends and neighbors what you’ve created together. We hope you’ll enjoy “Mixing Things Up” this holiday season.

      Of course the Florida winter weather can be unpredictable and with several weeks off from school, our kids get a bit restless. On fair weather days, venturing outdoors to holiday events is always a treat, but when the temperatures dip low, it’s easy for cabin fever to set in. “Winter Fun: 25 Ways for Kids to Get their

Ya’s-Ya’s Out” provides some fun and free ways to transform your home into the ultimate adventure over the holidays. From building a fort to painting with your little Picasso, you’re guaranteed to find a few things on the list that will pique their interest and have you laughing together.

      Keeping that holiday cheer going is important and as parents, we have to find ways to decompress during the busy season as we plan, shop and entertain. “21 Ways to Keep the Hush in Your Holiday Rush” is just for us – a few simple ways to help us take a breather and keep our cool during one the most hectic months of the year, including the biggest stress reliever of all, the hug.  We hope you’ll find time to carve out a bit of relaxation for yourself as you share the magic of the season with your loved ones.

      We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the communities who have warmly welcomed us this year as the new publishers of Parent Magazine. As we look forward to the new year, our one resolution is to keep providing the absolute best information out there for you and your family in 2019. We’ll see you soon!


Dr. Barbara C. Holley
Editor, Parent Magazines

Dr. Barbara C. Holley